Why should i pay more buying gifts in Latvia in comparision to China

Why did I find the same product somewhere cheaper than you offer?

Every day, sellers are faced with claims from buyers that need to be resolved competently. The buyer may ask: "I saw the same product in China, but you have it more expensive. Why?" The answer to this question is not difficult, it is enough just to figure out what the price of a product is made up of.

The price of a product in retail stores is formed from the following components:


1. Availability of goods in place right now, without waiting for 2-3 months

When placing an order from China, be prepared that it will take a long time to arrive, and in the Sikumi.lv store everything is already in stock, at affordable prices, and without waiting, you just need to make a choice. You can be sure that your purchase will be received today or as soon as possible, and will not be lost at post offices or customs around the world. Indeed, it often happens that the goods ordered in China may be lost during delivery, delayed for an indefinite time at customs, will not be delivered on time to the required date, which is especially important when ordering a gift for loved ones.



2. Customs duty cost

Customs fees, VAT, excises - all this is included in the customs costs for the delivery of any product from any country outside the EU. The price may also take into account storage in a warehouse, regardless of whether unloading occurs, or the products remain directly in transport when making declarations, certificates, and other transport documents. And if the seller does not complete the declaration required for simplified customs clearance, you will need to hire a customs broker and pay the tax again, which will cost a fairly large amount.

3. Commerce property rental

Every shop has a room where goods are stored. The premises must meet certain requirements for warehouses and safe storage of goods intended for trade and, of course, its rent costs money, which must be taken into account in the price.


4. Communal fees

This item of expenditure is also included in the required markup on products. Utility costs in the form of heating, electricity, water supply are an important criterion for the compliance of the premises with the norms of trade and storage of marketable products.


5. Employee salaries

Sellers, movers, accountants, security, programmers, hosting, as well as other work on maintaining the website of an online store, advertising an online store so that you can see it - all this is done by specialists who receive a salary for their work. Any work must be paid, and any specialist has the right to receive money for the work done by him.


6. Payment of taxes

Taxation is the most important cost of any economic activity and the commodity price cannot but add up to this mandatory cost item.


So where you can buy cheaper?

Why can't goods in a warehouse in Latvia cost the same as when delivered from any other country? You can certainly buy similar products cheaper at various sites in China, but you should remember that you will have to wait for delivery for several weeks, and sometimes months, worrying if your package is lost. Also, how to guess the size? What if a much smaller item arrives? How can you return this product?

It's inconvenient, but it's much more inconvenient to try to get a refund for an item that never arrived. What will you do in this case?

Require the seller to return your money back? And if he offers to wait for the package for another ... year? Complain about him?

What if you don't speak English? Will you be able to explain the situation, return the money for the product and try to buy it again in another place?

Yes, you will save, but is such savings worth your time and nerves? Wouldn't it be easier to order any product in a local store?

Below we give you advantages of buying at Sikumi.lv original gift store:

  • While shopping in our store you can gain confidence in the quality of the product. Arriving at our warehouse, you can turn it in your hands before paying.
  • Store - warehouse Sikumi.lv provides a wide range of products in stock, our goods can be felt and familiarized with its functionality before purchase.
  • In addition, by law, you can return it within 14 days if you buy it online.
  • Most items come with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.
  • You will receive instructions in Latvian.
  • When choosing delivery in our store, it is carried out on the day of payment.
  • You can profitably buy any product onsite of Sikumi.lv gift store - warehouse. Experienced store managers will be happy to help you with the right choice of goods. A wide range of original products will delight you with pleasant prices and quality.


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