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Reg. Nr. LT 304371625,
warehouse address: Varaviksnes gatve 8,
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UAB SERELTA guarantees the normal operation of the consumer goods purchased in our store within 24 months.


Nr / model                                    Name of goods                               Quantity
  • Guarantee is provided in accordance with Latvian laws and regulations specified.
  • providing goods prescribed by the manufacturer guarantees the performance of the delivered goods from the date of delivery of goods.
  • Warranty period starts from the moment the item is purchased.
  • Warranty period for goods - 2 years. For professinal items - 6 months.
  • During the warranty period, undertake free to prevent equipment defects, exchanging goods from analogue, provided that the defect is caused by the equipment manufacturer's fault, analogue product, provided the exchange can be both new and renovated
  • out damaged equipment exchange of analogue one day, provided that the defective items is analogous to a warehouse in Riga.
  • If the equipment remaining warranty period is less than 30 days, from the moment when it is carried out warranty service, equipment warranty will be extended for 30 days.
  • not responsible for its software compatibility with any equipment and software, which are purchased from other distributors, where this is not specifically stated above (documented).
  • Under no conditions shall not be liable for any loss, including loss of data, planned, loss of profit and other cases with other consequences of further losses arising from incorrect installation, maintenance or exploitation, including short-term operation of the equipment failure.
  • bears no warranty liability if it tests or analyzes indicate that the proof of the defect does not exist, or it is the result of incorrect installation or operating result, as well as any activities carried out to obtain the equipment for the performance of functions by the manufacturer and do not intend to.
  • Warranty does not provide for equipment cleaning and maintenance carried out on the manufacturer's products.
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