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Where to hunt for gift ideas?

Luckily, long gone are the times of dinner sets or unsavory salami as any-occasion gifts. Today, the choice on the shelves of Riga stores is enormous and the whole issue comes down to how fat your wallet is and to whether you can think of some really creative present that would stick in the presentee ‘s memory. But where’s the inspiration coming from?

TOP 5 of sources of inspiration

  1. Internet. A very practical and easy way to find something that will amaze and delight the hero of the day. Just enter your query in the browser and the search engine will bring out a load of interesting gift options.

  2. Pinterest. Choose the topic of the occasion on which you wish to congratulate a person. The application will choose appropriate photos and allow you to visualize the prospective present.

  3. Interview. You can just question the presentee about his/her interests and current necessities. This done all you will need is think it over and produce a result. Thus you’ll be able to pick a useful gift.

  4. Social media. Groups, public pages, and bloggers communicate the latest specialties and promote them on a day-to-day basis. Something among all this plenty is likely to hook you as well.

  5. Online gift shops, and the gift shop-warehouse in particular, that allows you to find, choose, and promptly order the best gift to be picked up at the warehouse on the same day or delivered by a courier, to a parcel terminal or by post worldwide.

Online unconventional gift shop-warehouse

Online shopping today is at the peak of its popularity. Trips to conventional stores use to be time-consuming and challenging and more often than not fail to meet our demands. Why suffer exhausting traffic jams and queues when SIKUMI.LV provides an opportunity of buying a gift without leaving one’s home?

Advantages of online shopping

  • Time-saving.

You can go about your business, travel by bus or go in a taxi and page through a catalog of goods.

  • Delivery of gifts.

All ordered gifts will be delivered by a courier at a set time and to a specified place.

  • Easy search.

All it takes is to enter the query keyword in the search box and choose what you liked from the selected list.

  • Systemized catalog. menu has all the goods are categorized and subcategorized. Such breakdown narrows your search and facilitates site navigation.

TOP 5 of unconventional gifts

  1. LED Crystal Magic Ball

A little miracle that will certainly make a hit with both children and grown-ups. The ball plays back music and produces lighting effects. A festive atmosphere is guaranteed!

Price – 35.00€


  1. Classical Newton`s Pendulum

Newton’s pendulum is a stylish and elegant accessory for your desk. It can serve as a great gift for your colleague, manager, or business partner.

Price – 35.00€

  1. Physiotherapy Apparatus Darsonval

Physiotherapy apparatus for the treatment of up to 70 different diseases. Apart from its healing functions, Darsonvalisation provides a cosmetic effect: skin cleansing, wrinkle-smoothing, and ensuring healthy and radiant skin.

This is one of the best means for health and beauty care at home.

Price – from 35.00€

  1. Hair extensions - kanekalon, zizi, ombre

Artificial hair extension braids for any hair length made of a high-quality synthetic fiber as close as possible match the structure of natural hair. The best gift ever for any young girl!

Price – from 15.00€


  1. Frozen Heart Elsa's Dress

The best gift for any little princess! Girls have a passion for dressing up and fancy outfits. And wearing a dress of a favourite heroine Elsa is just an ultimate dream! Besides, we also have all the rest accessories and toys from this beautiful tale.

Price – from 27.00€


The advantage of the online gift shop-warehouse is that the goods are not limited by age! Gifts for men and women, children, and seniors will meet every demand! And door-to-door delivery in Riga will provide a cherry on the cake.

Make happy, surprise, and stand out with us!

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