Latvian-speaking interactive toys

A soft toy is one of the first and most beloved toys that appear in the conscious life of every child. It is especially important if it contributes to the teaching of the baby's native language.


Soft toys with a voice chip that speak Latvian

The idea of creating such a toy is not new. In 2010, such an attempt was made. A charming teddy bear who read fairy tales in Latvian appeared on the Latvian market. However, this venture did not have commercial success for the following reason:

  • The number of Latvians in the world is currently about 1.3 million.
  • Population is aging
  • Young people migrate to Europe
  • English or German becomes their mother tongue for expat children
  • The national identity of the younger generation is eroding and the demand for such a toy turned out to be insufficient for commercial success.


Modern talking toys

However, at present, a new generation of interactive toys has appeared that help the child to learn their native language. The form factor of such toys is quite diverse. These can be various animals, such as hamsters, minions, scrats, etc. There are also more modern models in the form of robots or tablet PC. 


Interactive toys not only repeat phrases after the child but can also move and move around the room on their own, causing even more positive emotions in the child.

There are more advanced models that can answer children's questions and perform a number of other speech functions. Their control and programming is carried out from a smartphone or tablet.

It should be noted that such a toy can become a cool gift not only for a child but also for an adult, helping him to cheer up or relieve psychological stress in a difficult moment.


In the gift store-store you will find a large selection of soft toys repeating whole phrases after the child, in any language, and, of course, in Latvian. Toys can mimic the child's voice or speak in a cartoon voice. Thanks to them, your kid in a playful way will be able to quickly learn the language, complicate his vocabulary and develop his mental abilities faster.

Interactive Latvian-speaking toys are the best gift for your child, which will allow him to learn his native language faster!

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